Alexander Behrang Keshtkar was born on the 3 of July, 1984 in Iran Shiraz. Alexander grew up in Denmark where he works and lives with his family.
Alexander is a self-taught actor and he has been working in the acting business for 4 years.

Alexander has attended acting classes in USA NYC at the William Espers Studio & Ivana Chubbuck Studio in LA.
Alexander is known as the chameleon of acting as his ability to transform his look is stunning.

Alexander is a rare talent.

“I have had the pleasure to work with Alexander Behrang Keshtkar on my latest movie: Small Town Killers.
It ́s a very dark comedy and Alexander had to play a very colorful character:
a strong satire on a Jihadi-cab-driver.
He jumped into the character with NO hesitation,
and portrayed the man AND his craziness in no time.
It was both courageous AND talented.

Alexander is a rare talent.
If he wants to explore it even more overseas.
I can only recommend that You give him the chance.
He would benefit from it – as well that I am sure American film industry also would.”

The Bridge Season IIII

Alexander is role is still to be revealed. 

Alexander was casted among a legendary line-up of danish actors, including Sofia Helin, Thure LindhardtMikael Birkkjær  and more. 

The Bridge Season IIII

Bron Broen IIII Photo: Karl Nordlund Copyright © 2017 SVT

Devoted, ambitious and intelligent

In the fourth series of The Bridge I’ve had the privilege to work with Alexander Behrang Keshtar. He is portraying a refugee from Iran who is accused of a killing the head of the imigrant office. He is under the threat of being deported back to Iran. Alexander is an excellent actor and has done a great job with this character.
He is devoted, ambitious and intelligent and it’s a pleasure to work with him.

I strongly recommend him!

Henrik Georgsson, Film Director.